Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Thank you to Sissy, this lady seen here with Brook as they do their "beauty queen wave" to those on a private beach as the glass bottom boat tour passed by. Brook just loved the attention that Sissy provided, she was the Captain's mate and was there to help spot the dolphins and sell snacks to the passengers. We saw lots of dolphins too by the way!
As I mentioned before, I only spoke one time about cochlear implants on this vacation and it was here, during this boat ride. As you can see here both kids took over the vessel and the Captain's seat but not for long. When Gage sat up there their radio (CB) started going absolutely crazy. Coincidence? As they were trying to figure out the occurrence I had to speak up because I noticed when one child was there, it was okay, but with the two of them (four ci's) it went crazy. So Gage hopped down with delight, his ADHD kicked in after about 30 min into the two hour tour...

...he was more interested in the motor anyway.

When I spoke to the Captain and Sissy about the possibility that their cochlear implants may be on this frequency and causing interference....(audiologists, don't kill me, I have no idea if that is even possible, there was just no interference when one kid was present as there was with two, could be total coincidence!)...anyway, I just basically said that's what they hear with, otherwise they are deaf, and that's all I needed to say. I spent more time explaining Gage's ADHD than anything! After an hour and a half Gage told the Captain he was finished and needed to go back so he could swim, and soon after we headed back since the tour was almost over. But they enjoyed it regardless, but my husband and I agree, it would have been better if it had been like a 75 min tour rather than 2 hrs. Sissy's son had ADHD also and was not medicated either so she completely understood!

And yes Leah (queen of language opportunities) we had great opportunities here to pick up some new vocabulary. Have a great day!

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