Sunday, June 21, 2009

the Father.........

Happy Father's Day all you Dad's !!

Sometimes Father's grow up and become really great PawPaw's!! This one here is a great PawPaw, he can even be found babysitting for hours while I take a child in for mapping or the ENT or some other appointment. He knows exactly how to communicate with the kids even with the processors off. He speaks directly to their faces and can gesture with the best of 'em! And even though he's holding up his rock n' roll hands (pinky and index only) as we pull out of the driveway each time, the kids return the sign with all three fingers of the "I love you" sign and have never told him any different 'cause they know what he means. Happy Father's Day Daddy!
And sometimes Father's have unique patience that we frazzled stay at home moms need at the end of the day. This one here always takes the kids outside to play for hours as soon as he gets home from work each day. What more could you ask for? We love you!!

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