Sunday, June 28, 2009

Check It Out

The garden is doing great so far this summer. We have eggplants growing and tomatoes, pole beans, watermelons too, but here's what we have so far....banana peppers, squash, cherry tomatoes, October beans, cucumbers Romaine lettuce (which I picked the last one today) and yummy, yummy, it's all so good.
If you haven't checked out Cicircle News in a while, I just put up one called Becoming an Advocate you might want to check out. And keeping with the advocacy theme if you have yet to read the Bama's Bright Light story, it's a MUST READ!! what an inspirational piece, I was very touched by what all she's accomplished over the last six years!
Not much planned around the Blakely home, we go for another post op visit with the ci surgeon on Tues. Have a good week!


Lucas'Mommy said...

Your CI circle news post was fabulous!!! Love the starfish poem too...

Tracy said...

The veggies look yummy! Our garden has started producing but we're here at Children's and not at home to tend to the garden...Ohhhh how i'm craving fresh tomatoes, hopefully everything will still be ok when we get home (hopefully Friday).