Monday, May 4, 2009

New Additions

Let's talk new additions. This year we are adding batteries to our IEP for the children. They need disposable batteries for their processors to work with the microphones the teachers wear and guess what? we use rechargeable this will be a new addition. (Thank you cicircle!)
We will also be adding ADHD this year to Gage's IEP even though it sort of meshed well with his hearing needs this year. With only one ci he needed listening breaks, and some one on one time to get away from all the noise everyday (just ten minutes or so). However, being Bilateral Boy this next year, not so sure he'll need the breaks. But with adding his ADHD to the "list" he'll still get his very desired breaks.

Now, Breaking News..........

Brook has a new addition. She informed me this morning that she had a baby in her belly for one minute and then arrived Emma's sister. Emma is in pink here with custom made pants (I'm not kidding!!) from Nanny and Mary JanG (not a misspell) is in white. I want to be clear that the name is as quoted from Brook "Mary Jang with a G on the end" just so I was clear NOT to get her mixed up with the little girl in her preschool class who is Mary JanE. Okay, my dear, you've made it clear, her name is Mary Jang with a g on the end.

*disclaimer* her father and I are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the child doesn't speak to, look at, smile at or in any other way shape or form, acknowledge the male gender until she is 28 **smile**

Now having noted our new additions, we also have a little thing called croup. Brook went to the doc this morning who informed us he has had three flu cases but won't know what type until he hears back from the state. Brook has no fever but is still kinda sick, though she's feeling much better already. We have therapy tomorrow (AVT) and hopefully Gage will behave and get his work done or his AVT won't let him graduate. She's one tough cookie but she knows just how to deal with him!

And on a side note let me brag on the cooperation from school. I love that I can email the teacher and ask for his spelling test (he usually does very well on those) but last week I noticed he only got one or two right. She emailed me back and is more than happy to send it home this week and understands that it could help with his mapping on Friday. When I asked him to spell HAUL, he gave me HOME so I know it's not a simple misspell, it's a hearing thing I want to be sure his audiologist is aware of so she might can try and fix it. Then I have to hurry home after that appt. on Friday because his IEP is for that same morning! Brook's IEP is next week, I'll cross that bridge when I can see it......right now, it's too far away.

p.s. I'm playing with my font colors as you can see....thanks Jodi, I told her it was not fair that she could change her fonts in her posts....I've been blogging longer than she has!!


Danielle said...

GREAT POST... alot of new news... I enjoy reading your blog. Your kids are so precious.

I actually dont know how to color my fonts either!! I have to learn someday.

Great Post!! Im sure once you tell the Aud about the situation with gage it can be fixed.


Have a good week!


leah said...

Hopefully a new map will let Gage get more of those spelling words correct! I love little Mary Jang. Is she going to start AVT soon? Brook is an excellent teacher!