Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never Said they were Angels!

No I never said they were Angels so if these pictures have fooled you, I'm sorry. But, for the most part, they are really good for what all they have to put up with. Sometimes that means waking at five in the morning to drive a couple of hours for audiology BEFORE school. Today, they had school first, then we traveled that long road to the HEAR Center but not for audiology, it was his make up session of AVT. Last week was to be possibly his last therapy visit but the therapist decided to go find out the sex of her baby instead. So we postponed it until this week which worked out well due his technical difficulties last week (which have been resolved by his audiologist). So all went well, considering they'd already had a full day by the time we got there. As I spoke to the AVT Brook took my hand (she's such a hand holder, love it) and lovingly folded all of my fingers but the middle one and she then called for our attention on the matter, interrupting our conversation about how well Gage is doing. Totally inappropriate. We quickly distract and get more listening in when we break for a quick word again on the progress he's made. Then a fight breaks out, someone was pinched and someone was bitten, I hope our AVT wasn't injured in combat but overall it was a good session. And our final one, she told us to leave and not come back! Really! I just love graduations.


Val said...

and yes, broadcasting their behavior is part of their punishment. They should be so ashamed.....*smile*

leah said...

ROFL. Our speech therapy sessions go much the same, but my kids are still too little to be embarrassed by it! Shoving, hitting, biting... MOST of the time they're good. But when they go bad- YIKES!

Glad to hear Gage graduated AVT! That's one less thing to have to travel for!