Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gone Fishin'

So we went fishing yesterday at Uncle Hassell and Aunt Christie's pond. The kids had fun, but it was too hot for fishing really...not even a bite. The kids enjoyed it non-the-less and Brook even heard a fish jump and splash in the water. We could call across the pond to Gage and he heard and responded to us (yea!). But this week will be interesting, both kids need mapping. I can tell! They are arguing over everything and most of it boils down to misunderstandings. Brook just said "I know you had the remote, don't take it!" and Gage's repsonse "I didn't type it." We have an appointment for them both on June 9, we will survive **grin**
Here are some pictures...

Now go over to Bama Ears Blog and read the latest story. I apologize for not getting these videos captioned so they can appear on Deaf Village but I haven't had time to do it myself and some people don't want their videos on You Tube anyway but it's a great story and cute little girl also. We are currently looking for hearing aid stories over there so if you live in Alabama and have a story please submit it, even if you are a teacher working with these kids you can email Bama Ears, all info over there: Click to view.

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leah said...

It looks like a lovely day, even if the fish weren't biting! I wish it were hot here- we're in the mid 50's today with wind!