Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day On the Farm

Yesterday my sister and her little girl Kendall came over to play. The girls had their children as well, as you can see. We walked up to the cabin and could hear the kids yelling (literally). So we walked over and peeked thru the woods and saw them. A baby goat is called a kid and sometimes they sound like my own kids and I have to pause and listen close, to make sure of what I'm hearing. We had fun and so did the girls. Gage went coyote hunting with his dad. And no they are in a field not on the road here! They actually walked down the road and were gone for over and hour, but no luck with the hunt (as usual). The coyotes are typically in my very back yard (no lie) anytime between 7:45 pm and around 4:30 am. Sometimes they just hang out all night long, I know because I hear them and sometimes see them. Just a bonus for the kids who can't hear at night without their processors, so they sleep like babies (thank goodness). This is yet another reason to be cautious when the kids play outside, the coyotes around here aren't even scared to walk into a field full of tractors that are working. My neighbor Peanut saw one walk into a field where he was cutting hay, so I'm constantly checking on the kids if I'm not out there with them. Oh, we also have bobcats around here too! A far cry from Leah's bear though. We now have the added rattlers and copperheads to worry about. Last year we have around five or six snakes prance thru out yard (that we saw) but all were non poisonous. We've also turned over the dirt for the garden. We will do so again in a couple of weeks and plant by the end of excited!


Marsel said...

Country fun!

I grew up on 165 acres in upstate New York and I miss the farm -- so I enjoy the country-life glimpses on your blog!

leah said...

Well, at least we don't have bears in our yard EVERY day! LOL. I grew up in California in the desert and we had lots of coyotes. Sometimes a bobcat, but those weren't too frequent. We did have lots of mountain lions (cougars) in the hills, but I've only seen one of those (thank goodness)! Coyotes can become a pain because they do lose their fear of people, and they can hurt a child. On the other hand, all that wildlife gives a lot of language opportunities!

Val said...

you're so right Leah, great language opportunities like "let's see who can run the fastEST" or idoms such as "shake a leg" !! lol