Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the AVT baby

You'll be happy to know that Brook's babies are getting all the therapy they need. Despite their hearing losses Mommy Brook is modeling good language and speech to help them along. I saw her today holding a toy four wheeler up to her mouth saying the word, then holding it up to the baby's mouth so that it would imitate, good job B! She should be an excellent helper when/if Gage gets his ci(s) which is scheduled for March 23. Should be about a six hour surgery (longer than the average bilateral surgery) and then he has to wait a good 3 weeks before his is activated as per the doc. She can sort of repay a favor since he was such a big help with her when she got her ci's. Oh, and look at her poor little eye. She's claiming "personal day" and skipped school (yes, I know her teacher's read the blog) but hey, we all need personal days every now and then. Amy calls them Mental Health Days, lol.


leah said...

Brook sure is a good "mama!" Those babble games really work with the little ones. Nolan's ability to listen to sounds and imitate them has really improved since we started playing those games!

Anonymous said...

good for you Brook dear, mental health days are important!!!! hope you had a fun day home, and are recovering from all those injuries.

Naomi said...

When A was a little guy we had mental health days too and that is what we told the school. No he is not sick, but he needs some down time where things are a bit quieter and he will back tomorrow. They were all cool with it and it really helped him!