Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learning to be deaf, again

More than ever, Gage has the need to touch...EVERYTHING! Especially when we go somewhere he hasn't been in a while. He started doing this just before his ci removal and continues it still. When we went to the audiologist's office yesterday, first thing he NEEDED to do was touch the ornaments on the Christmas tree that patients had made during their auditory verbal therapy sessions. "Let me see what the star feels like" he could be heard saying.
He still talks nonstop, I assure you. Really, we still do all the same things we're used to doing, only we do them all the time now and not just at bedtime or when he didn't have on his ci. Like flipping the light switch if he's playing in his room and we need him, walking with a heavy foot, so he can feel us coming behind him and we don't scare him to death. I can tell you that if he never gets another ci, we are going to HAVE to replace our dog that mysteriously disappeared while we were in the hospital (I think a hunter probably shot her by accident?). She would bark anytime a car drove by too slow. Gage is going on eight years old now and does not want Mama outside when he plays, so I need some form of knowing when danger could be near. I used to could look out the window and know exactly where Gage is, even if he wasn't visible because Brownie would lie in the field and stay close to wherever he was. He's never been able to hear me when he's out in the fields playing with his trucks but if I could see Brownie, I could find him really close to her.
Also I've noticed he watches less tv...even Spongebob. He's used closed caption anyway but now, w/no sound, he's lost some interest (not all). He just won't sit there very long. Now he prefers to be in his room, disassembling trucks and customizing them...adding wheels, leaf springs (whatever that is) and shocks, etc. I'm sure when he finishes, this will be an awesome ride.
And just for fun, she's not short of entertainment either. Watch out Sofia Madyson, Santa brought Brook some legwarmers! Can't wait til she wears them!
It's amazing to watch her communicate with her brother now. She gestures very well and knows that he has to see her face. He still orders her around and when I try to order him around, he simply tightens his eyes so he can't see me...oh the power of a deaf child!
I just heard Brook say this "Jesus, Gage can't hear me right now, he needs two implants. His head is hurt so he needs two new implants...PINK ONES!!!"


Laura's medical journey said...

oh my god kids DO and say the funniest things! I love it! :D s

Danielle said...

I noticed after i lost all my hearing in my R ear back in sept. I stopped watching tv even though I always have CC on my tv. So I deafinitely know where gage is coming from. As far as a dog.. thats a great idea! A hearing dog I always wanted you can check your local fire department maybe they have a place in alabama where you can get service dogs. One Day I want one because Itll protect me and It will alert me. Hearing dogs can be specially trained especially German Shepherds. I also think your son will feel more comfortable if a dog is around just by reading your blog.

I wish him the best! Glad you all are doing well.

Smile* - Danielle

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you guys are doing well! val you get lots of credit for always finding something positive in what seems like bad dark unpleasant situations. good luck

Naomi said...

It is interesting re hearing dogs, in that without training, they do it innately. I have two friends one that is hearing impaired herself and one whose husband has the hearing loss. In the first case they got a rescue mutt and she knows that my friend won't hear the phone ring from outside and will go and get her attention and lead her to the phone. The other couple have a fox terrier and recently added a new baby to their family. Same thing when the baby cries and the Dad is outside and can't hear it over that distance, the dog goes to him and jumps up, scratching the bag of his leg and then runs to the direction of the house and back again til he moves to the baby.

It is like they somehow know - they are the most precious of protectors.

leahlefler said...

Oh, I can't believe your dog disappeared in the middle of all this! I love Brook's prayer for pink CI's. I'm sure Gage will appreciate that, lol!

tammy said...

Sweet, sweet Brook praying for her brother ... even if it's for pink CIs! Beautiful!

Also, our TOD from Texas gave us some info on hearing dogs. I'll have to pull it out. She said the state pays for them & the training.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

that little funny.

ever watch Sue Thomas FBI. i think you need a hearing dog! a yellow lab. yea... that's it.

(I want a yellow lab.. but my boys are allergic. Andrew days allergic like someone from AL might say it. too funny- will ahve to video it. "A-lar-gik"