Thursday, December 25, 2008

the Quotes for the Day

from Brook the quote would be "Santa is a good, good man," she stated as she began "school" this morning for her newly delivered twins and a baby that looks real. She got her teacher's chalk board, complete w/numbers and the alphabet out and class began (never too early to start learning 'round here...AVT all the way, yet complete with visuals).
Gage's quote of the day..."The elves are just like Wal Mart, well...almost!" He's made some unique items out of the Lego's he got and is charging all batteries for the remote control ATVs. Now he's coloring on the over sized Cars coloring book and the Spongebob sweatshirt was a hit. Now I've started my second pot of coffee here as the oldest (who will remain nameless for his protection) woke us at 330, which normally would be fine with me, however...I think a "Clatter" woke me around 11 pm...wonder if it was the Claus?
And finally my quote of the day... "Who left this mess out??" and I realize it was for Santa...apparently after I went to bed, a little boy and his dad left out cookies and milk...on purpose this time. Good job Santa for finishing almost all the cookies.


Laura's medical journey said...

aw glad u all had a great christmas! Love seeing christmas from a kids point of view! :) The magic of xmas!
I miss that!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

too great! we have a few quotes here too... my favorite was 'excuse me for a minute please'...from a boy who is never go change his shirt into a new favorite.

leahlefler said...

Your kids are just too funny. The Elves are just like Walmart! What a riot. We don't get too much yet, since our boys are so young. I was telling Matt that Santa was going to come down the chimney, and he looked at me like I was missing some of my marbles. He told me, "No! Santa use sleigh! Come in door!"