Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update

WooHoo!! Brook got her initial /f/ sound this week. She's been putting the /f/ sound in her words and at the end of words but now she can say "forty-five" instead of borty-bibe" . She's so proud!
Selective Hearing...? Misunderstanding? I actually said "I'm about to go out and rake the leaves" but when I go outside...the kids figured they'd lay in the leaves...sounds similar!


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

GOD!! Could your freakin' kids be any MORE adorable!!!??!!! Congratulations, Momma!

deafgirlwhohatesstupidcelebritiesactingstupid said...

That's great about Brooke's new F sound!

your kids are really cute and I enjoy reading their progress!

Danielle said...

Way to go Brooke!!! u did it!

leahlefler said...

Fantastic! Fabulous! Phenomenal! And every other congratulatory word beginning with the /f/ sound!

Those leaves look like they make a nice bed, rofl!

April said...

Way to go brooke! I know how hard it is to get those f's. My 4 year old son is still working on them and progressing! Congrats little lady!