Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We visited the carwash again today and this time Gage was with me. Now of course both kids are deaf but they did have their cochlear implants (as always during the day) and Gage took the lead this time telling Brook "press your hand against the window." She did as told, and they laughed so hard as the wash jarred us around with the high pressure wash. This totally reminded me of when Gage was little, pre-implant, and how he used to smell of EVERYTHING. If he touched it, he was like Mr. Sensory! He would lift it, smell it, feel it, smell the other side, until he was finished. I know it was because he couldn't hear well and he was needing more input from his other senses. Just wondering how many of y'all have little hard of hearing kids that are sniffers.


Tiffani said...

Riley loves to smell my face after I put on my makeup. Apparently, Bare Escentuals smells really good. ;-) She's always been a sniffer. We hear this often... "Oooh, what's that smell?" Like you said, it's one way for them to make up for that loss of hearing.

Laura's medical journey said...

im not a sniffer although my feeling skilles have got more and im always feeling lots more vibrations even though i have my implant on! Not so sure about sniffing though hehe