Thursday, October 23, 2008

'Round Here

For the most part, we're you're average family...(except both children are deaf and both parents are hearing). But our kids remind us everyday that they are ALL KID. Gage laughed last night when he realized that I could hear him when he rode all the way around the cabin (my husband's little mansion in the woods...minus electricity, minus water, minus the mansion part). When riding the go-kart, the kids can't hear well at all...and neither can hearing people, those things are loud. But Gage's sense of feeling is greatly increased when he can't hear well especially while riding that big vibrating off road monster. I was standing in front of the porch of the cabin and he thought by circling the small structure, he could sneak up and scare me. I of course could hear the machine as he continued to ride around but he eased off the gas pedal and "scared" me. "BOO!" he said as I came into his view again. He said "did I scare you?" I smiled and said, "remember I can still hear the go-kart when you go to the other side". His mental wheels began to turn and a smile crept on his face as he realized what he'd said.
Brook continues to talk to her "children" NON STOP!! You know what she's doing? NARRATING for them. It's an AVT thing!! lol. On the way home from school yesterday, I was in a hurry and when she asked if I had any money I said "no". This was true since I usually carry no cash anyway but I wanted to avoid the Arby's drivethru and get on home. Well today, feeling bad, I knew I was going to stop and get her some chicken. So when we get near the fast food restaurant, she says "do you have any money"...I again stated "no, but I can stop today, I'll use my debit card." She says, "do you have enough for chicken and french fries?" I smile and say "yes"..."do you have enough for chicken and french fries and a drink?" again I smile and tell her "yes"..."Do you have enough for chicken, french fries, a drink and a napkin?" haha...oh I love her.

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elizabeth embracing life said...

That is so cute with your son sneaking up on you. It's still amazes me that our children are competely deaf and the implants give them so much hearing.