Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"other issues"

Okay, so we are officially one of the 40% of children with hearing loss that have other issues. We really already knew this and were in that category anyway because Gage has Goldenhar Syndrome . Well today we went in for our consult with the pediatrician after the teacher and I had completed the paperwork necessary to determine if Gage has ADHD. It has long been suspected that he is a sensory kiddo, requiring movement, usually fast, and even as a baby I had to read to him while I bounced him on my lap, he would never sit still. At my wits end when school started I suspected it was ADHD and his teacher then began to look at him w/concern and not as a kid w/bad behavior. He's not hurting kids, he's not poking someone's eye out...he's excessively talking, getting out of his seat, running, etc. The doc thinks yes, sensory. The teacher believed maybe ADHD, but is leaning towards sensory and she threw in GIFTED. Okay, could there BE anything else added to our plates, and the answer is yes, so we need to take what we've been given and move forward, with our heads up. The doc says his hyperactivity may affect his testing in Jan when they do all that gifted testing. No one including the teacher thinks he needs medication, he's very bright, and with the right intervention he can do just fine. The doc says all the meds can cause weight loss, and the average 5 year old weighs like 50 lbs. (I think). Gage is seven and a half and in second grade weighing in at a whopping 45 lbs. We do not want meds. The doc says that if his grades start dropping he may need the medicine but we all want to hold off as long as possible. Right now we have a wonderful teacher who is doing everything possible for my little man, and he's doing GREAT in school because of it. So this is where we are, we are treating him as a gifted, ADHD kid w/hearing loss and sensory issues to compliment his that? It's easier to say "other issues" isn't it?
It's never boring here!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

whoo hoo!!!! someone else joined the club!!! your Club Pin is in the mail.

Laura's medical journey said...

i know exactly what u mean with "other issues"!!! I have a few issues going on too and its a lot to deal with but you get on with it dont you!

Im glad that hes a bright boy and will grow up in to a fine young man! :)

Kimberly said...

Val, I know that you were worried about this but I am positive that Gage will be fine. I too am now worried about "other issues", remember my crappy mom post the other day? I still haven't blogged about it, too mortified, but I'm starting to think, I'm not necessarily a "crappy mom" we just might have "other issues" as well.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Gage is a cool, creative kid...focus on that. It would be nice sometimes to have a child that did not require a daily trip to school and no stress for a 24 hour period, but fortunately that is not reality.
Look at you and how many tasks you are currently involved in...a hundred. Obviously Gage is in training to change the world, he's just following in your footsteps. YOu will handle this as you have handled everything else that has been thrown your way, with grace and style...educating all those who cross your path along the way. But aboveall, Gage will be loved and rock on to ACDC while teaching Brook the dos and don'ts. Hugs.

rouchi said...

You are a brave mom with a strong will power.I am sure you are going to be doing all that is best for him.My wishes and prayers are with both of you.

Kori said...

Both of my boys have ADHD. I used to have to make my oldest sit on his hands while he read because he just couldn't stop fidgeting. And I totally sympathize with the weight thing too. Jacob will be 12 in December he started 6th grade this year and he weighs 68 pounds.

Anyhow i didn't come over to tell you all our troubles. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and I will be back for another visit.

Tracy said...

Hi Val,
I just had to leave a comment and tell you I just love your blog, your kids are just beautiful.
I found you through your post on Kori's blog (My life as a CFers wife).
I had a great uncle Mack who was deaf and mute, He had some kind of illness as a baby though caused him to go deaf. He attended school at The Alabama School for the Deaf he passed away in 1989 at the age of 71 I believe, He never married and lived with another great uncle and aunt of mine. Sign language was something I learned when I was pretty young, Mack was a great teacher and I still think of him so often.

I am the mother of 3, my youngest child (Molly) age 12 has Cystic Fibrosis. Well since she was really young she has always been interested in sign language and she knows how to sign most of the alphabet. I just have to share this with you. Back in June 07 she had surgery to remove the right upper lobe of her right lung. My husband and I were allowed to go back in ICU and see her finally, it was horrible, all those tubes, etc. She couldn't talk because she was on the vent. well all the sudden she started signing to me! I was so happy at that moment that I had taught her because I had never dreamed or even thought of using it at a time like that. It was so great for me to be able to communicate with her, I left the ICU feeling alot better about everything just being able to know what she wanted to tell me.
I am going to add your blog to my favorites, as soon as I have time I am going to sit down and read your older post .. I did watch some of the videos of the children, they're just great. You're such a great mom!!!
Oh, I'm also in Alabama....
Have a great weekend!