Sunday, September 7, 2008

Black Mic Covers

Oh it's the little things that make them happy. Gage's new black mic covers came in. Next on his "I want" list is the black controller, and probably eventually a black processor..? Right now he's still mixing and matching til we can get it all in one color, if he don't change his mind. He does like attention ya know. You can see he wanted the mohawk yesterday.


leahlefler said...

I guess black is "bling" for boys! And you gotta love the mohawk!

Vivie said...

Clever boy Gage! He knows what he's doing...LOL for the mohawk!

Brook is adorable too with her pink proccessors...should've got one pink too...I have a chocolate that blends with my hair..although the coil's blinged with blue..LOL

and btw ? where did you find these stickers that Gage has on his BTE? I'd love some..Gotta love change!!

Hugs to your adorable children!

Val said...

I got the stickers from the Cochlear store.
they are only 1.50 per sheet and there are two different sheets.

Loudest Mom said...

Great picture :) My boys love the 'mohawk' as well - LOL.

Here It Comes said...

I showed my daughter the "bling." I think I way more into it than she is! I am trying to convince her to let me do it. So far she keeps telling me no!