Friday, August 8, 2008


Okay, so starts on Monday. We went to the school today to pick up the mics and microlinks. . So they can be charged and ready for action on Monday. Gage has switched to the BTE this summer so he received a black receiver (he was very excited it was black) and we have the mics on charge ready to roll. Gage will leave his fm mic in the classroom this year (big boy) and it'll be up to him to charge it everyday before he leaves class. Brook will still bring hers home so I can check the equipment each day (my choice) and she also has the microlinks. And yesterday my creative children could be found w/their magnifying glasses outside, reflecting sun to melt marshmallows. Unfortunately, no one ate theirs, but now we have plenty of ants carrying around the pink melted mess!


leahlefler said...

Cool FM systems!

Hey, at least they were melting the marshmallows and not the ants (g)!

Nicole said...

Sounds like they are ready for school!

Celeste said...

Yes...I would love to have my blog linked to the learn2hear forum. WHat is that exactly?

Good Luck with school this exciting!

Anonymous said...

i have the same FM its supposed 2 be on rechargeble batteries but PHONAK is sllooowww so it dies during the day.