Friday, August 29, 2008

All About Me

Today was Brook's day to give her little presentation at preschool. It was a show and tell that included photos, seashells, and one of her babies. A teacher and the "head mistress" of the school jokingly told her before she went in that she needed to keep it 30 words or less (knowing "all about me" would be her favorite subject). Bet she never thought she'd be telling that to a deaf child. While in class, another mom and I slipped off to an area attraction to take some photos. Her son has hydrocephalus and is in class with Brooklyn.

According to Indian SIGN LANGUAGE, yes sign language, inscripted into stone near where the statue is, this young Indian girl jumped to her death because she didn't want to marry the Indian man selected for her by her father who was a Cherokee chief. He made this deal as a piece offering to the Creek tribe who they had been in off and on again battles with. She was in love with someone from her own tribe and jumped right where the statue is, to the awaiting rapid water down below...which is full of rocks. I am in no way a history buff, though I've heard the story's just really beautiful here now that we've had so much rain, the falls were really flowing.

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