Monday, July 7, 2008

Sounds of Summer

I walk outside this morning and to my surprise, I hear a low, soft humming noise...or was it buzzing? I first thought it was a propeller airplane since we live near a very rural airport...maybe even a helicopter. Hmmm, what was that noise, so who do ask? My two professionally trained listeners.... Gage says "It's bugs!" with a disappointed look on his face (like I should have known the answer). I look on the ground, I look in the sky, I look all around and sure enough, it's thousands,and thousands of June Bugs. There were so many, I thought they had been sent her to lift the entire property up to the sky and relocate the family farmland. Instead, I assume they are just visiting our pecan trees, our peach trees, our grapevines, and our garden. They might as well, w/practically no rain, they are providing us with vegetation anyway.


Bill and Shelly said...

Thanks for your comments on our post. We are having fun having a baby in the house again after a 5 year break.
I love reading your posts, it is nice to be able to show Allison older kids with CI's. She is so interested in looking at the pictures.
Would you mind if I added your site to our friend and family list on our blog? I would love to keep in touch.
I was looking at some of your other posts and I saw the one about the Hearing Impaired Children Sign. We have a sign as you come in to our court. It was quite the fight with the city of Columbus to get it up. They actually told us that they do not make those signs anymore. My husband, Bill ( who is hearing impaired) had something to say about that. Once the city officials talked to Bill, the sign was up the next day, so much for them not making those signs anymore. :-)

Abbie said...

I can't stand the sound of bugs UGH!

Val said...

Shelly, of course, they CAN make any sign...they do it all the time. They may not have them lying around but they can certainly be made, they had to specially make ours but I did have to call twice.
Of course add me to your list...I visit you guys all the time, and Abbie you too, I just don't get to comment much anymore, kids...ya know?