Thursday, July 3, 2008

the Right Ammo

Look at Jodi's new post if you haven't already, good good news over in Italy.
Just goes to show you that if you pack the right ammunition, you may not need an army. Giving parents the right tools to begin with will go a long way. And hey, once you're fully armed, make sure your kids are too! My kids are packin' are yours?
Educate yourselves, I found that the best information is from the other parents in similar situations, too bad it wasn't until last year that I found these resources! Our clinic offers parent referrals now for their ci candidates. I would have loved to swap emails with someone when we first started out. But, hey, the parents these days can talk to parents of ci kiddos or even teenage ci users. Happy 4th of July!
p.s. let's not get into the fashion, I promise I will make an attempt soon! Individually, those items are cute.

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