Monday, June 9, 2008

The Village People

I'm so excited about if you haven't checked it out...go, run, fast! It just started this weekend and it's like a newspaper online (to me anyway). You can go there each day and catch the headlines from the bloggers who have joined to share their news. Doesn't matter if you are deaf or a parent of a deaf child, or if you are wearing aids or ci's, sign/cue/speak...whatever! I've not read all the headlines yet, but I was lucky enough to participate and read some of their preliminary discussions when setting it up right before my vacation. You can read all about on your favorites list! I'll be reading w/my cup...I mean pot of coffee each morning to catch the latest on my favorite bloggers.
And Rachel's right, I was told when I had Gage that it takes a village to raise a child.....YOU'RE NOT KIDDING!!

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Candy said...

I thought I might get a treat to hear the village people sing "YMCA" on your post! :)

Even the Village People are very diverse!