Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mapping session

How thrilled does he look? We had a quick mapping session today just in time for the beach! I told the audiologist he was having trouble understanding the birds. No he don't talk to birds but he thought one was a hammer and he thought another was some sort of alarm. Got him straight so now he not only hears them he understands what the sounds are. When she mapped him, he only had some significant changes in higher frequencies. Now he should be able to hear that ocean!
p.s. like the guitar tattoo from Cracker Jack?
and I'm not a Cracker Jack Volunteer (grin)


elizabeth said...

Thank you for disclosing your UN-relationship with Cracker Jack. You had me worried there for a second, you corporate pawn, you!

Man, I love this blog...

Abbie said...

Oh he looks so enthusiastic!!

Good thing you disclosed that! :)

Tiffani said...

Love the tat! Riley likes mapping about as much as Gage seems to. Riley can't tell us enough about what she's hearing/not hearing yet, though. It's cool that Gage can.

And no we're not contemplating another. Can't imagine starting over.

Love your signing posts ... We have two Signing Time DVDs that Riley's likes.


Kimberly said...

Val, I was checking in today and Max (3 yrs) was on my lap and saw Gage's tattoo and got very excited because it was like his tattoo from Capri Sun (Jonas Brothers). But, he was even more excited to see that Gage's had an "ear" like him!

I have to tell you, I really wish we were neighbors. I think Gage would be a fantastic mentor for my son, I can just imagine all the fun that they would have and how much Gage could teach him. Hmmmmmm, gotta figure out how to beam us out there for an afternoon and back by dinner. LOL


Val said...

Kim I think you're right. They must have came from Capri Sun...oh, good thing I used my disclaimer, I almost sold some Cracker Jacks when I should be selling Capri Suns!!! oops

Loudest Mom said...

I love it- the birds sounded like a hammer. I cannot wait until the littlest who in whoville (Trey) can tell me when his map his screwed up (like NOW). We just have to guess based on how he is responding to the Ling sounds, and life in general.

Too funny! Although I was hoping that Gage actually had conversations with wildlife- that'd be a new one :)