Friday, June 13, 2008

He's on the phone again....?

This time he's taking messages! I couldn't believe it when my child, came running out after lunch today as I mowed the lawn, to inform me that my sister had called. With impending thunderstorms this afternoon I decided to cut the grass quickly today while they played video games inside. (and yes Mother, I went inside three times to check on them, they were fine!) But after I had been out there for about twenty minutes, Gage came running outside, like the house was on fire. I cut the lawnmower off to find out he was just relaying a PHONE message he'd taken moments earlier. I finished cutting grass wondering if the message was correct. Apparently I was to call her back at two clock...which I did. Indeed she had called and she repeated their conversation and he told her (via speaker phone) that I was cutting the grass and maybe I'd be done by two...which is funny because she phoned at 11:30 and although we have a lot of yard being in the country, we don't have that much!!At least not that we cut w/a lawnmower, the rest is cut w/the tractor...(and I don't do tractors). She went on to tell me what a long conversation they had. He told her all about the new toy truck he'd bought, he described how he was taking care of Brook since I was outside...I was very surprised since I'm usually there to help with these things. Just goes to show, they need to try things on their own. I would have assumed he couldn't do that, but HE SHOWED ME! Good listening practice, get those guys to see if they can repeat things via telephone, or walkie talkie even!


Val said...

p.s. It was my sister that phoned, he did see her name on the caller ID, so he knew who he was talking to.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

too cute! i have a little talker here.. on the caller iD-- my cell has pictures and he, until this week, thought Grandma could SEE him because he could see her. never mind that Grandma wasn't moving in the picture. oops!

Abbie said...

Well check him out! he is extending his wings :)

I can forecast Gage and Brookes excuse for not mowing the lawn already.

"What if my ears fall off MOMMMM!?" :)