Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cooking with Kids

Kiss the cook! She's such a wonderful little helper and we learned lots of new stuff during those ten minutes of prep work she did...(wet batter vs. dry batter, we learned that flour is not sugar, and all about ingredients) she not only helped w/all the prep but she mashed the potatoes...was it more important for me to do these things quickly and w/less mess or have her enjoy learning new words and how to cook?...we ate those potatoes lumps and all...and they were just as good!


Abbie said...

LOL! She is so mommy's little girl :)

Ann said...

She is Nanny's little girl also! She helps me cook to. We tast all kinds of things before and after they are cooked. Val, is right we do alot of talking to.She is also very good with laundry and sweeping& mopping floors!

Love ya'll
Brook& Gage

Debbie/Steve said...

I love it when little girls like yours, work in the kitchen helping out. You're such a great Mom in spite of having 2 deaf kids. They're very lucky to have you as a parents.