Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cats in the Corner

not time for caption but here's the lowdown...I hear her playing school teacher w/the cats as usual and I hear her say "that was rude" so I grab my camera hoping to film w/out being noticed but low and behold she HEARS the door open of all things. I find my kittens in the corner because she thinks they are hurting their mama...she thinks they were biting her but they just wanted their milk...can you tell Brook went to time out today? she did!!


Loudest Mom said...

Cute! By the way....I love your accent- it makes me think of all my extended family (and parents) in Texas :)

Abbie said...

This is adorable! She is certainly the disciplinarian. :)

I was wondering if you could go over to Brianna's Journey, Brianna's mom created this blog because she is having her first cochlear implant surgery this coming Tuesday and she needs support, especially from moms that have been there. Would you mind popping over there and dropping a few words of wisdom? I would really totally appreciate it!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

too funny.