Friday, April 11, 2008

Am I jealous?

Gage wakes up this morning, THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE SPRING BREAK!!!, with an earache. So instead of cleaning carpets (in my spare time) I take him to the doctor. As soon as I walk in, I see a gorgeous lady w/her son who is probably 12. They are the only ones sitting in the "well child" room. The other room was loud, tv blaring, kids all over the place, so I motion for Gage to go into the quiet "clean" room so we don't leave with more than what we came with. Now this lady was a little older than me, had hair a little lighter than mine, she wore a little more make-up than I do and her jeans alone cost more than everything I was wearing, and she was probably about ten or fifteen pounds lighter than I am. For a minute, as I'm secretly checking her out...YES, WOMEN DO THIS!! I thought to I jealous? I've never been one to desire what other people have or to be why was having to ask myself this question?...I decided before I agreed that I was in fact jealous of this ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS woman...I would have to do some investigating. Surely, I could find something wrong with her...believe me...didn't take me long! She smiled as we walked in and Gage immediately told her how pretty her purse was (brightly colored) and she said to him "how sweet, my boys would never say that!"...she then buried her head back into her magazine...never to look up again. We were in this tiny room w/her and her son for an hour and a half. Her son and I spoke about school and current crime issues in our area....nothing from her. Am I jealous? Gage as usual spoke the entire time and even though I've seen his truck he built 500 times I let him show me all the parts, describe what they were for...and I acted just as interested as I did when I heard it all the first time. I smiled and asked questions, he showed her little boy, he did the same, asked some questions. I don't know if we were keeping Gage entertained or ourselves. Nothing from her. Am I jealous? I even saw her son try to show her a photo from a magazine he had and he tried to tell her that he wished he was there, in that photo, on the beach somewhere, anywhere but where he actually was. She didn't look up, but I did hear a "umm,hmmm". Poor little guy, he sadly put his earbuds back in but I gave him a little smile so he knew I was listening. The entire time, this lady did not even speak to her son. I was really shocked. An hour and a half and not a complete word from her to him and they were two feet apart. So that's it, I knew I could find something negative about the "we all wish we were her" Gal. I'm not jealous!! So ladies, when you're having one of those "fat days" and you know what I'm talking about, don't feel sorry for one's perfect. I'll take my ten lbs too much any day if being skinny/beautiful/rich lets you forget how to speak to your own kids!

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Tales from the CI Gal said...

I'll take my ten lbs too much any day if being skinny/beautiful/rich lets you forget how to speak to your own kids!

Me too! I will take parenthood over skinniness anytime. Oh well, I did.