Sunday, February 3, 2008

Captioned Patient Teacher

I'm learning to add captions at thanks to Abbie, another ci blogger.


Abbie said...

Wow! It looks great val! You did a great job! I'm sooo exicted to be able to understand what the littles ones are going to be saying :)

(doing cartwheels)

Deb Ann said...

Thank you, Valerie for captioning!

Seek Geo said...

Aw, your kids are so adorable!! It's my first time on here. Abbie mentioned about you regarding captions provided.

So, I wanted to say thank you for taking time to add captions. I look forward to learn more about them and how it goes. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for captioning!!!

Love your little ones, they are sop cute!! :-)

Will watch your blog from now on!
(thanks to Abbie who made me aware of you guys!)

Tales from the CI Gal said...

I love it. It was so interesting to understand everything. I still love the socks!

Wow, what would be do without Abbie? I now want to record something so I can caption it.


Karen said...

Those two are so cute1 My kids used to do the same thing with letters on the fridge. They would have fingerspelling games too while chomping on a snack nearby--the fridge was always smeared with food!

Dang, I miss those days. Hang on to these days with your kiddos!