Friday, January 4, 2008

Sound Check Cochlear Implants

I do this in addition to a Ling check to see what frequencies may need adjusting.I use this chart: I do this w/both children.I write down problem areas and compare notes w/audiologist.


Kim said...

Hi, thanks for sharing. Can you add closed captions on the video? I'm deaf .. Thanks

Grendel said...

Hello Val!

Came across your site on DeafRead and I can't tell you how valuable your video snippets are to us. My daughter is recently implanted (at 20 months) and we're in the very earliest phases of speech / language therapy. Two months after activation she's responding beautifully to sounds, but speaking only 2 words: Bye-Bye and Mama, both of which she began saying only a couple of weeks after activation. So, it's both inspiring and informative to see how naturally you work with her on language.

And my husband was excited to hear that our little one may even pick up his Southern accent, based on what your little one sounds like!

(And she's absolutely adorable, to boot!)

Beth (Li-Li's mom)