Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sports and Cochlear Implants

Though there are many options these days for kids who hear with cochlear implants AND also play sports, I'm going to show you what works for us. The trick is to know your options, and find what works for you and your child!

My daughter is our athlete. She is going on 14 (I know!!) and has had her implants for almost twelve years now. She became an athlete in 7th grade when she made the volleyball team. Her height is perfect for such a sport and after the season was over, she tried out and made the softball team. She is learning but doing well in both sports. Her teammates and coaches couldn't be more supportive and the encouragement has certainly boosted her assurance, and confidence.

I have (out of necessity) learned to do braids. One thing at the end of the season we learned is that double braids help hold the processors on. She has long hair and the braids on each side running behind the ears are great. I wish I could braid tighter than what I do but hey, practice will help that! She bought some skinny headbands that she says help also. At first she was simply pulling her hair back in a pony tail and using double sided fabric tape directly on her processors and that worked for a while but these other options were better due to sweat causing the tape to lose its stick. This basically got us through the majority of both seasons. We now know what to do for next year as she enters 8th grade playing both sports again.

If your child wants to play sports, go for it! Let the coaches know you are experimenting with head gear options and they may even have great advice!

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