Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ahhh, yes they got the reward (that was suppose to happen last week but the migraine rerouted us). I can never say our appointments are stress free, but as long as they behave (no fighting!!!, no inappropriate words, stay right with me) I call it a success. We visited our ci surgeon today and Gage had this follow up already scheduled with the surgeon (everything still looking great with his bilaterals) so I sweet talked them into seeing Brook as well (pediatrician had been out of town). She had croup yesterday (that was the fourth day) and when I asked if she was all better she said her ear was sore but she checked out just fine too and seems to have no issues anymore w/the croup or ears...she just woke up well this morning after I asked them to squeeze her in but oh well, no harm done. We did leave with another surgery date for Gage to have that skin tag (pit) removed off his face. He's not terribly excited about another procedure but he does want it removed (just by magic) and he sits and picks at it when he's bored, and he's been teased about it...so hopefully it'll be gone on July 20! Some people think it's a dimple (he does have dimples) but it's a pit commonly found on those with Goldenhar Syndrome. (it's along his lower jawline)

Now, what will be the reward for this next surgery??? I'm sure it'll cost me dearly but this has to come off at some point anyway or he'll not be able to shave there!

Now also, you can read about his audiologist Mandy on Bama Ears....click here!


leah said...

I'm thinking this new surgery rates a K'Nex roller coaster set! Not sure what those cost, though (probably an arm and a leg).

Anonymous said...

sure looks like fun...
Leah, what a generous suggestion- yes K-nex are great I have them for my kids but they do cost a pretty penny & they are not everlasting like the legos. they tend to break- especially with older kids who use more force when connecting.
GOOD LUCK with the surgery..