Friday, January 23, 2009

That Hurt

This is what my five year old beautiful, observant daughter noted to me this morning, and it hurt! "Gage is being mean to me, when he had his implant he was nice. I guess he's just gonna be mean to me. I hope he gets his other implant and quits being mean to me."
That was hard to swallow this morning, but she speaks the truth. He's been thru a lot recently and it is taking it's toll, on everyone. He's communicating fine, but he's bored. He's bored to death. He doesn't get on the computer like he used to, he doesn't listen to music like he used to and for obvious reasons. His ADHD is thru the roof!! He's got to release all that energy somehow so he tends to run thru parking lots (that's a whole other post for later today) or run in the library, or pick fights with everyone. It hasn't been easy but we are working on all of this the best we know how.


Sandra said...

I know this is not easy. Our oldest had some complications after her second implant surgery and she was hard to live with for a while. I needed to remind myself that she was only 6 and that she had gone through a lot.

This too shall pass...

Naomi said...

A only had about 4 months between meningitis and implant switch on and he was a total nasty little ***** He used to bite his brother and do other nasty stuff, he was only 2 & 1/2 then and I guess angry at the world that he couldn't hear like he used to be able to pre-meningitis