Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Jobs

So this fella has a job! Like, a real, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week j-o-b...and for all summer long. He is loving it so far! In his third week already, he is at a totally different location than he was his first two weeks. And he has received his first paycheck! We He loves that part!!

He applied with many other students his age and was the chosen one! Actually, this year, they approved two more to join the intern team and as for this one here, he is hoping to get hired on right out of high school. But hold on here, he is about to start his Senior year so let's not jump ahead too fast!

The first two weeks he worked on heavy equipment transmissions and engines. He learned a lot! This week he at a smaller building where they rent much smaller equipment but he loves it there. He says the guys there are all very young so they have more in common. Next week, he will then again go to a different location to learn about Forklifts. From there he will eventually get to customer service and so on. He may have a little trouble in that area just due to his hearing impairment but he needs to learn how to get around that anyway. He is now even more self conscious due to the accident since he wears the large scar across his face so unfortunately, he needs to learn how to get around that as well, since it is now part of him.

He still has several follow up appointments post-injury with the spatula. As of last week, his doctor/surgeon (for the broken mandible) is keeping him on a soft diet (preferably no or minimal chewing...absolutely NO CHEWING on the injured side). We still have hopes he can heal without yet another operation for this child! But there are no guarantees. Hopefully in two months when we go back, we can see an updated CT Scan or X-ray to view what it looks like at that point. After that, we either can begin dental procedures or we can't. He will start his Senior year without bottom teeth unfortunately but he is doing the best that he can with what he has. He is a true champion and always has been!

He is learning a lot this summer. We are so very grateful for the opportunity he was provided. If he is anything like his dad, he is hard worker and a fast learner. He is growing into adulthood as we speak! 💪💕

Oh, and several have asked how he likes his new upgrade (N7)...he loves it! He likes being in control of his hearing. His Iphone works great with it and can turn me sounds down with his app. What 17 year old don't want to be in control!?!

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